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The Song of the

Sacred Gong

Traditional Gong Meditation CD

In primordial India kings and generals listened to this gong meditation to foresee
Future Events.

An almost lost art Sat Jiwan received his instruction from a direct unbroken line of successive teachers, a flow of knowledge uninterrupted since ancient times.

This natural meditation uplifts, heals and balances the sub-conscious mind and the spiritually balancing secretions.It clears the nadis and raises spiritual energy. It is an additional tool for enhancing the sound current.

This ancient and spiritual gong meditation was used over the centuries to provide clarity of sacred vision by cleansing the sub-conscious mind and strengthening the aura and the auric field.

It balances each chakra and aligns all the chakras. It raises vibrational energy and can help release stress.

Sat Jiwan is a master of this unique and unusual art form.

Never before possible until the advent of
Digital Technology is the healing uplifting
Symphonic Gong CD Meditation Recording.

Internationally known producer Liv Singh Khalsa of Invincible Recording Studios doubled as producer and photographer.

The gong must be in the correct tonal range to achieve it's complete balancing effects.

Digitally recorded--the tonal range this meditation was designed to create is now possible and can at last be shared with
a larger audience.

The technique of recognizing the qualities of the correct tonal range is handed down from teacher to student.

Sat Jiwan plays a 32" 'Paiste' symphonic gong in the ancient traditional style allowing the flow of vibration from the gong to the listener and beyond.

Following a gong meditation or gong CD experience drink additional quantities of water for three days to enhance the effects as it works for you on the cellular level.

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